Ekar Rental Conditions

Rental Age and License Duration

To be 21 (twenty-one) years old and to have 2 (two) years driving license for economic group vehicles,
23 (twenty-three) years of age and 3 (three) years driving license for Medium Group vehicles
To be 25 (twenty-five) years old and have a driving license of 5 (five) years for the upper group vehicles
Luxury group vehicles and vans are required to have a driving license of 5 (five) years of age (27).

Required Documents

As the above prerequisites will be sought during the rental; your driver's license
Your identity card
You can pick up the car if you have your credit card with you.

Car Rental Period:

The daily rental period is calculated over 24 (twenty-four) hours.
Monthly rental period is calculated over 30 (thirty) days.  

Backup Driver

In order for a second driver to use the rented vehicle, he must be present at the time of delivery of the vehicle and his driver's license information must be recorded in the lease agreement and the agreement must be signed by the second driver.

In the event that a person other than those registered and signed in the rental agreement is involved in an accident while driving and the vehicle is damaged, all insurance will be invalid and the registered driver will be held responsible for all damages.

Only one person can be registered in the rental agreement as a replacement driver. The replacement driver fee is 20 (twenty) TL per day.

Provision (Credit Card Use)

Our rental customers are required to have a credit card that is regulated in their name during the rental. This credit card, depending on the group of vehicles they rent, at least 1000 (Thousand) TL for economic group vehicles, and up to 2500 (two thousand five hundred) TL provision for upper and luxury class vehicles and minibuses are blocked.
Provision cancellations are made within 1 (one) business day at the latest after the return of the vehicle and the cancellation of the cancellation due to the internal communication of the bank to your account may take up to 10 (ten) business days. You can learn the processing times of your cancellations from your bank.


Ekar Rent A Car Price Terms


• Benefit from Exempt Accident Insurance:
All prices include Exempt Accident Insurance (CDW). The Accident Insurance covers collision damage. In the event that the insurance conditions are fulfilled, the customer compensates the damages resulting from the collision in the amount ranging between TL 1000 (thousand) and 2500 (two thousand five hundred) TL according to the vehicle group. This fuse does not cover non-collision damage (parking, tires, windscreen, headlamp).
• Use within the mileage limits specified in the lease agreement
• VAT (Value Added Tax)

• Full Accident Insurance FULL CASCO (SCDW)

* In case of accident, depending on the group of vehicles rented from 1000 (thousand) TL and 2500 (two thousand five hundred) TL amounts ranging from the responsibility of the tenant will be removed.
* Mini Casco
Depending on the group of vehicles rented without collision damage (damages to third parties such as parking, tire-glass-headlamp damages), amounts ranging from TL 1000 (thousand) to 2500 (two thousand five hundred) TL will be collected by the CUSTOMER REPORT WITH coverage.

The Insurance Benefit Coverage will be void and the damage will be excluded from the insurance coverage if:
* Allowing the vehicle to be used by persons other than persons registered and signed in the lease agreement,
* Use of the vehicle outside of normal operating conditions (use of the vehicle with high engine overheat, use of the vehicle in road conditions that are not suitable for unusual and traffic conditions, walk on flat tires, carry loads / goods in a manner that will damage the vehicle and exceed the loading limit, fill the vehicle with incorrect fuel, and other similar situations),
* Use of the vehicle outside the traffic rules (exceeding legal speed limits, crossing the red light and other similar violations),
* Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
* If a load carried on the vehicle causes damage or accident,
* Careless and unattended use of the vehicle (no speed adjustment in rainy weather according to road conditions, not following the vehicle in front at least safety distance and other similar uses),
* Failure to notify the customer of the accident or theft of the accident to the customer's contact phones, leaving the vehicle at the accident site (except in case of a preventive condition as determined by the doctor's report),

* Failure to obtain the necessary reports (traffic and alcohol reports) from the relevant authorities within 48 hours in an accident,
IMPORTANT: In the event of an accident, the leased vehicle must be registered with an accident and alcohol report before moving from the scene of the accident. You can get information about the transactions by calling our 24-hour call center. For the validity of the casco, the accident report must be submitted to us within 48 hours.
* If the vehicle is stolen, the vehicle's license and original key cannot be delivered.
* The vehicle is not returned without approval and despite the expiry of the rental period,
* Damage to the vehicle or the other side due to the loads carried in the vehicle,
* Damage to tires, windows or headlamps is not covered by the Exempt Accident Insurance. This insurance can be purchased separately.
* The amount of financial compensation arising from the damage given to third parties is covered by the coverage of compulsory financial liability insurance. The customer himself is responsible for the amounts outside the guarantee limits.

Delivery and return service within the city limits is provided to the surrounding districts during working hours. Service or delivery fee will be charged to the places where our company or service partners' offices are not available. Please call us for service fee and other details.

If the vehicle is brought later than the date and time of return specified in the contract, 1/3 of the daily fee is charged for each delayed hour, and 1 (one) day of additional rent is charged for delays over 3 (three) hours.

All fines arising from traffic violations during the rental period belong to the lessor.

You can make a reservation online by calling our 24-hour call center or by filling the reservation form on our website.

Cancellations must be notified 24 hours before the vehicle delivery date. Unreported cancellations will be considered "No Show" and 1 (one) day rental fee will be charged to the credit card.

The aforementioned rental conditions are deemed to be automatically accepted by the lessor when the reservation is made.