Prices on our site are constantly updated; we are making price adjustments to satisfy both our company and our customers by evaluating our available vehicles , the vehicles that will return in the coming days and the number ofthe reservations we receive.

None of the vehicles in our fleet are more than 2 years old. Vehicles over the age of 2 are removed from the fleet because they are constantly failing and need more care. Therefore, we do not have any older vehicles and our pricesdo not differ.

If the vehicle you booked in advance is not available at that time, an upper segment vehicle will be provided at the same price.

If you are notify us of your flight details (airline name, departure location and estimated landing time or flight number) for at least 1 day of rental, a member of our staff will meet you and deliver your vehicle. (24 hours)

• Your driving license

• Your credit card. (If the card belongs to someone else, it is also necessary for the person to be present during the rental.)
• ID Card (If the nationality is a Turkish citizen) or passport
• Business Card, If available

If we have caused an accident without violating the traffic rules, we will provide replacement vehicle service within 24 hours if you have provided official records.

Not all the insurance companies in our country cover the mechanical malfunctions in vehicles. However, failures not caused by the user are our company's responsibility. Our client needs to contact our office in case of a malfunction. In such cases, ourclients are directed by experienced staff in our offices, so that they do not encounter a financial problem at the moment.

We have no limitations in this regard.

The Ekar Global fleet has the most demanding models. Our company, which has been in the long-term car rental business for a long time, can supply different vehicles to meet your requests from the right places. Do not rent a 4x4jeep, pick-up, minibus, panel van, luxury car etc. Do not rent without asking us.

The vehicle can be driven by other person / persons than the leaseholder; by adding the additional driver / drivers information on the lease agreement. Otherwise in case of any accident, all insurance shall be deemed to be nulland void and the person who drives the vehicle shall be held separately and jointly responsible.

You can return the vehicle you rented in a different city. You can get information from our offices, about one way fees.

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

When the vehicle is rented, the mechanical problem brings us an additional burden both in terms of economy and personnel. For this reason, all of our vehicles are periodically maintained by our contracted services.

Yes. We offer chauffeur-driven car rental services. Car Rental with Driver you can make a request on our page or support from our call center on 0850 304 35 27 24/7you may receive.