Long Term Car Rental

1. What is the Long Term Rental service?

* Car rentals for more than 30 days are called long-term rentals. This type of rentals can be done individually, but is usually a form of rental preferred by companies.

2. How is the Long Term Rental service done?

* As the procedure of the long term depends on many factors,  such as the number of the cars to be rented, total rental period and the total mileage, also the pricing can be determined after the financial analysis of the company which wants to make a long term rental, the procedure is different than those of the Daily car Rentals.

Therefore, you will need to send your long term rental details to our reservations center at rezervasyon@ekartur.com and one of our team member will contact you shortly.

3. What is the Advantage of the Long Term Rental Service?

When you receive long-term rental service, tax, maintenance and repairs, insurance and all expenses of rented vehicles are covered by EKAR GLOBAL during the rental period. The rental company does not contribute to the extra financial burden for the vehicles, so you can evaluate the cash resources you allocate for the vehicles in different areas.

4. What are the convenience of the Long Term Rental service?

* When you receive long-term rental service, your monthly rental costs can be shown as expenses, also you do not have to undertake the follow-up operations related to your vehicle.

5. What should be paid attention to in Long Term Rental?

* The main issues to be considered when receiving long-term car rental services are:

* Choosing the appropriate makes and models to meet your rental needs.

* Taking into account the fuel consumption of the vehicle, calculate the fuel cost of the vehicle.

* Obtain additional insurances, if necessary, by carefully examining what the car insurance covers.

* Having a thorough examination of all articles of the Long Term Car Rental Agreement and having knowledge of the scope of the contract.

* Carefully note the amount of fuel and scratches when picking up your car and take pictures if necessary.

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