Fleet Rental

What is Fleet Rental Service?

Ekar Global fleet leasing service is a type of operational leasing and is the elimination of all kinds of operating services without purchasing vehicle needs, through long-term leasing. Ekar Global Rent a Car offers fleet rental services all over Turkey.

How To Provide Fleet Rental Service

Fleet rental is the most preferred vehicle rental method in today's business world. After the tools that your company needs are determined, they are purchased by our company and made available to you.

What Is The Advantage Of Fleet Rental Service?

There are many advantages to renting a car. Ekar Global Rent a Car is with you as you need any kind of vehicle fleet rental service is with you. The main advantages of fleet leasing can be listed as follows::

A down payment must be made even if the vehicle purchases take place not in advance but with a bank loan. However, fleet rental jobs are paid on a monthly basis, so there is no collective money output.
With regular monthly payments, costs are fixed and a sensible payment plan is created.
The company that provides rental services for paid rents will issue an invoice and the entire bill can be shown as expense.
Rent payments are not included in the balance sheet. Therefore, this does not constitute a negative situation in the evaluation process of the credit applications of the companies.

What Are The Amenities Of Fleet Rental Service?

We talked about a few advantages of renting a fleet bird let's talk about the main conveniences;
Service, maintenance, insurance, vehicle inspections are the responsibility of fleet rental company and are a serious saving item for companies that choose to rent.
Another vehicle is allocated in case the vehicle is stolen, has an accident or has extended maintenance.
The risk of second-hand sales of depreciated cars is eliminated.

What Should You Pay Attention To In Fleet Rental Service?

The main issues to be considered when receiving fleet rental service are:
To choose from the appropriate brands and models for your needs.
Calculate the fuel cost that the vehicles will bring to you by taking into account the fuel consumption of the vehicles you will rent.
To obtain additional insurance if necessary, by carefully examining what the vehicle's insurance covers.
To have knowledge about the scope of the contract by carefully examining all the articles of the fleet rental agreement.
Carefully note the amount of fuel and scratches, if any, when taking delivery of the vehicle and take photos if necessary.

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