Daily Car Rental

1. What is a Daily Car Rental service?

* Daily car rental, meets your transportation needs and reduces costs by renting a car only for the day or days you need, instead of buying a vehicle.

2. How does a daily car rental service work?

* If you want to pay for the car you have booked for daily car rental, you can do so in advance, or you can pay when picking up the car. On your way to take delivery of your vehicle, please remember to take your Drivers’ License, your ID Card or your passport with you and please make sure that you have a credit card issued on your own name, to be used for Pre-Authorization.

3. What is the Advantage of Daily Car Rental?

* As well as the fixed costs of a vehicle purchased, by eliminating fuses, taxes, repairs, maintenance and similar costs, you can rent a new and well-maintained vehicle and use it without interruption.

4. What are the convenience of the Daily Car Rental service?

* When you need a daily car rental, you can call our call center on 0850 304 3527 or visit our website and you can choose and reserve the vehicle you need easily and quickly in just a few minutes.

5. What should you pay attention to in your daily car rental service?

* The main points to be considered when buying a daily car rental service are listed below:

* To make sure that the vehicle you will rent will meet your needs, such as the number of people to travel, trunk capacity, fuel consumption and such.

* To find out what the insurance of the vehicle you rent will cover in detail and get additional insurance if necessary.

* Thoroughly review the rental agreement and ask all the questions you might have.

* To detect all damages when picking up the vehicle, to mark it in the delivery form and to take photos if necessary.

* Note the amount of fuel when picking up the vehicle and take a picture of the fuel gauge if necessary.

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