Transfer Services

What is Transfer Service?

Ekar Global provides airport, hotel, city and other transfer services to you 24 hours a day as experienced, reliable and professional. transfer options, and detailed alternatives that you can choose in every region of Turkey are presented to your preference you.

Advantages of Transfer Service

Of course, you don't want to have problems with the cities you travel to, for reasons that you don't include in your travel plan, such as regional and seasonal traffic densities, local events and celebrations. Using a transfer service will protect you from these negative possibilities.

You can use your time more efficiently by getting transfer service, you can safely reach the place you want to reach without any delay and disruption.

How to Apply Transfer Service?

Don't scare you, you're safe. The operation unit will follow your flight through the flight code until you make your landing and meet our valued guests just in time. In this way, you will not have to worry that your service will be interrupted due to delays etc.

Ekar Global Transfer Service

Our TÜRSAB member agency provides your transfer service safely and with maximum comfort with its D2 certified and V.I.P standards vehicles and expert and competent personnel obliged by law.

As stated above, by law, only TÜRSAB members can perform the Transfer service with vehicles with D2 certificate and standards. We recommend that you pay attention to these issues while making your choice and prefer international service organizations such as Ekar Global.

Our experienced and professional drivers in suits will meet you and your guests at the airports, hotels or at the addresses you will provide, and will reach you in a comfortable and safe way according to your schedule.

You can easily use the transfer service by leaving your contact details via the form below.

Service Request Form

Please briefly state the services you need and the notes you want to convey. Our expert staff will contact you as soon as possible.