Services and products included in EKAR GLOBAL Rent a Car Prices:
• Benefit from Exempt Accident Insurance: All prices include Exempt Accident Insurance (CDW). The Accident Insurance covers collision damage.
• In the event that the insurance conditions are fulfilled, the customer compensates the damages resulting from the collision in the amounts ranging between TL 750 (seven hundred fifty) and TL 2,000 (two thousand), depending on the vehicle group.
This fuse does not cover non-collision damage (parking, tires, windscreen, headlamp).
• Use within the mileage limits specified in the lease agreement
• VAT (Value Added Tax)

Insurances not included in EKAR GLOBAL Rent a Car Prices:
• Full Accident Insurance FULL CASCO (SCDW): In case of accident, depending on the group of vehicles rented from 750 (seven hundred and fifty) TL to 2.000 (two thousand) TL from the amount of tenant liability will be removed by the CUSTOMER POLICY REPORT.
• Mini Damage Insurance (MCDW): It covers the damages up to the EXCLUSION amount (damages that do not interfere with third parties such as parking lot, tire-glass-headlamp damages) that occur without being involved in collision with the CUSTOMER'S DECLARATION.