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Ekar Global is at your service seven days a week for car rental in Yozgat, a unique province of the natural beauty of Central Anatolia.

When you go to Yozgat, akçağmadeni, Akdağ forests and karanlıkdere vineyards to visit beautiful places such as the vehicle you will use to rent from Ekar Global, make a pleasant trip.

You have not seen Yozgat without seeing the bride rocks, whose legends spread from language to language. In addition, the Yozgat Çamlık, which is the first place in Yozgat that you will visit by renting a car from Ekar Global, is also a very beautiful promenade place known for its healing waters.

Also worth seeing are the Çapanoğlu mosque, Cevahir Ali Efendi Mosque and Basçavuşoğlu mosque, also known as Ulu Mosque, which was built in 1749 in Yerköy when you rent a car from Ekar Global.

19. At the end of the century, the clock tower built by the mayor of the period Tevfikzade Ahmed Şakir Usta'ya ekar Global, you will definitely pass by the vehicle you rented.

Ekar Global Car Rental offers you a global service so you can rent a car in Yozgat and explore Yozgat.

Yozgat Location Information

Research in places and districts near the city center, BC.As of 3000 years, artifacts indicating settlement have been unearthed in the area. Connected to the center: in the villages of Büyüknefes, Damsasan and Gündoğdu, the remains of this settlement are seen.

Distance Of The City Of Yozgat To The Surrounding Provinces

Distance between Yozgat and Amasya: 188 km.
Distance between Yozgat and Sivas: 225 km.
Distance between Yozgat and Çorum: 104 km.
Distance between Yozgat and Tokat: 207 km.
Distance between Yozgat and Kırıkkale: 142 km.
Distance between Yozgat and Kırşehir: 112 km.
Distance between Yozgat and Kayseri: 197 km.
Distance between Yozgat and Nevşehir: 202 km.