Sivas is located in the Central Anatolia Region but it is among the most beautiful cities of our country which has borders in the Eastern Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia regions. With the warmth of its people, when you go to this city you will never feel unfamiliar and you can have a pleasant time. If you want to make a holiday in this city where history and natural beauties are together, you should take advantage of our car rental service in Sivas. You can easily book through our website or you can use your vehicle between those dates by concluding the car rental when you have exact dates.

Sivas has many beauties in its districts as well as in the city center, and if visitors come back to the city, they miss the opportunity to experience many beautiful memories. In order not to do this, you will be able to create your route freely.

Sivas Attractions

The double minaret Madrasah, which you will surely see in the pictures about Sivas, has managed to reach almost intact since 1271. The Buruciye Madrasa was built on the same date and remains among the most important works of the Anatolian Seljuks.

One of the congresses for the start of the War of Independence was in Sivas province and the building where the congress was held today welcomes its visitors as the Sivas Congress Museum. While visiting this museum, you can feel how our ancestors prepared for the War of Independence and how Mustafa Kemal Atatürk united these people during those difficult days and how they fired the wick of the War of Independence.

When you visit Gök Madrasah, you can understand that Sivas was once the center of science and you can accumulate special memories while wandering through its historical fabric. Ulu Mosque is one of the must see places in Sivas.

You can take a cultural tour by visiting the historical places in the city by car rental in Sivas and you can also find useful activities for your health by going to the thermal springs with healing waters. One of the most suitable addresses for this is Kangal Balikli Thermal Spring in Kangal district. This spa welcomes guests from not only our country but also from many countries of the world every day of the year.

Gürün Göknar Lake, which is one of the rare lakes that has been able to preserve its naturalness, invites you to spend a special day with its magnificent nature and fresh air. Sızır Gemerek Waterfall is a special place for you to take unforgettable souvenir pictures with its waters pouring from highs and unforgettable views.

Among the natural beauties of Sivas, Zara Tödürge lake, Hafik lake and Siavas Curve Bridge should be on your list when you go to this city.

Car Rental Locations in Sivas

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