Sanliurfa Car Rental: Information About Sanliurfa

Our city, which was renamed Urfa and Şanlıurfa in 1984, is known as the land of prophets and has a history dating back to 8000 years. Ekar Global Rent a Car provides car rental services at Sanliurfa GAP Airport and Sanliurfa city center.

Şanlıurfa, the cultural center of the early ages, has Harran University, the first university in the world.

When you get a car rental service from Ekar Global Rent a Car, you can make a pleasant journey in Şanlıurfa with a new, clean and well-maintained vehicle and you can see Halilürrahman Mosque, Ulu Mosque, Rizvaniye Mosque and many other mosques, Dergah (Nakşın) Cave and other caves in Harran district. Hayat Bin Kays Harrani Tomb, Birecik Castle in Birecik, 44 km south of Sanliurfa, you can visit Harran City Ruins and many other historical buildings.

By renting a car from Ekar Global, Sümerler has been renting a car. You can also go to Harran, which was founded in 6000 and means yol road bu, to see this historical area where its secrets are still unresolved.

You can also visit Göbeklitepe, which is located in the UNESCO World Heritage List, the oldest known community of cult buildings, located 22 km northeast of Şanlıurfa city center with a car you can rent from Ekar Global and you can see the first known temples in the history of humanity.

These temples, which were hand-built by the societies that had not yet been established in 12,000 BC and then covered with soil for an unknown reason, were uncovered after a series of excavations after two peasants found a statue while they were plowing in the field. hundreds of visitors come to see Göbeklitepe every day.

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