Mersin Car Rental Company At Your Service With Many Years Of Experience

Mersin is one of the largest port cities as well as being on the back of the Taurus, is one of the most beautiful cities where the pleasure of the holiday is experienced in Turkey. Besides its wonderful natural and historical beauty, it is also among the right places for your holiday with its long beaches and the clean sea. Mersin car rental company is at your service with many years of experience in this city which opens new horizons to you with sea and highland tourism. When you come to the city, it is possible to obtain the vehicle from our company that will meet your expectations in order to create your travel route without the problem of transportation.

Places To Visit in Mersin

With its thousands of years of history, Mersin continues to fascinate visitors with its natural beauty as well as providing them with the opportunity to wander through the pages of history. When you want to see the world-famous Paradise Hell caves are formed by natural roads and when you enter into the structures that fascinate you, car rental will be the right choice. These caves are located within the borders of Mersin's Silifke district and there is a problem of transportation when there are no vehicles.

Cleopatra Gate is located in Tarsus district of Mersin. This historical building has a beauty that admires the visitors and unfortunately, only its walls remain today. Tarsus waterfall is among the must-see places. While watching the historical ruins in the waterfall, you can also taste the unique flavors of Mersin and enjoy the peace while having a beverage in one of the cafes built around it.

Adam Rocks, located in the Şeytan Kaya region in the Erdemli District of Mersin, are historical buildings that are unique in the world. This structure, which is estimated to have been built in the 3rd century BC, represents the Roman family of that period, 11 men, 4 Women, 2 children, 1 mountain goat and a Roman Eagle figure are carved into the rocks in relief. If you want to take a tour of the beach in the shade of palm trees in this city, which has many more beauties, it will be a good idea to make a car reservation before you go to the city.

Although the historical places you can visit in Mersin are countless, Kız Kalesi is among the must-see places. You can go to the sea on the beach opposite this castle, which is built on a small island in the sea, or you can go to the island to see the castle closely with a boat you can rent.

If you want to spend your holiday in Mersin this year, it will be useful to use the right time to get information about the city and to create a route for yourself by taking note of the places you want to see. If you are aiming to see many places when you arrive in the city, you should also rent a car by booking in advance. When you come to Mersin, you must taste the local cuisine and discover new flavors.

Cheap Car Rental In Mersin

Although Mersin, which is dominated by Mediterranean climate, accepts visitors every day of the year, the highest demand is especially during the summer months with its  clean beaches and the sea with every shade of blue. If you do not want to experience the problem of renting a car at a reasonable price, especially when you come to the city in the summer season, you should contact our company. We have a fleet of vehicles for every budget and our well maintained, clean and ready-to-rent vehicles for you to have memorable days in Mersin.

When you want to rent a car in Mersin, our company will help you to make the right car selection based on how many people you will be and where you intend to drive. Our company provides Daily and long term car rental service. With our weekly and monthly rental options, we can offer you even more affordable prices.