Erzurum Car Rental: Convenient Fast Practical Car Rental Service

Erzurum, the largest province of the eastern Anatolia region, is among the must-see places in Turkey. Winter tourism is also very active in Erzurum, which has a distinct beauty in the summer season. For those who visit this city, Ekar Global Rent a Car provides affordable car rental service in Elazığ to ensure that they do not have transportation problems during their pleasant time. With its historical and natural beauties, such as the city center, car rental is the right choice to use every moment you are in the city in the right way and to visit these beauties comfortably.

To avoid having trouble finding a vehicle when you arrive in Erzurum, you can book your car in advance. The new model vehicles with different features for each budget will prevent you from having transportation problems during your trip to Erzurum on your own or with your loved ones.

Places To Visit in Erzurum

Aziziye and Mecidiye Tarabyas are among the places you should see on your trip to Erzurum. These tarabyas were established on the hills of the city as 22 units for protection purposes. During the war between the Ottoman Empire and Russia between 1877-1878, Armenian mobs stormed these tarabyas and killed the soldiers who were there and alerted them to the Russians' capture of the city. When a soldier who had been wounded from this raid went to the city and informed them, the indigenous people started to fight with stones, sticks and shovels to defend the tarabias. This epic struggle  prevented the Russians from conquering the city. You can feel the spirit of our ancestors inside you as you walk around here.

The Tomb of Nene hatun is one of the places to be seen as the Tomb of this woman who is at the front of this war. We also offer convenient fast practical car rental service in Erzurum. Double Minaret Madrasa, 3 Kümbetler, Yakutiye Madrasa are among the places you should visit. When you arrive in Erzurum, you can taste the local flavours of the city, Cağ Kebab and Kadayif Dolma, in local restaurants.

Erzurum and Winter Sports

Erzurum, which hosted the 2011 Winter Olympics, is one of the most important places for those who enjoy winter sports. Although there are various transportation options to the facilities in Palandoken, you should rent a car for the easiest transportation. You can ski in Palandoken and spend a pleasant time by staying at the facilities here. Palandoken, chosen as the 18th best ski resort in the World opens the ski season in December and continues until the end of April.

When you arrive in the city, it is a practical solution to rent a car so that you do not have to take public transport or the high costs of the taxis. When you choose to arrive in the city by air, your car will be delivered to you at the airport and you will be able to drive directly from there.

Our company offers you the most suitable solution when you want to rent a cheap car in Erzurum. If you wish you can easily rent a car by visiting our website, or you can call our friendly customer representatives at 0850 304 2527 to choose the appropriate vehicle to make your trip to Erzurum memorable. You can have your car delivered to any location in Erzurum as well as the airport and drive it without any problems during your entire trip.

Our company provides service with family type, sports and luxury vehicles with a fleet to suit every budget. You can also avoid having trouble finding a car when you arrive by booking a car before arrival.