Affordable Car Rental Service in Elazığ

Turkey is a country where Europe and Asia converge, and each of its cities has its own beauties, but Elazığ stands out because it has been used as a settlement since ancient times. In order to avoid transportation problems during trips to the city, Elazığ Car Rental service is provided by our company. With your car waiting for you as soon as you arrive in the city, you can create your route freely and get behind the wheel.

If you book your rental car in advance when you are coming for a business trip or to see the historical and natural beauties of the city, you can easily reach any point you want here. With our company's large fleet of vehicles, economical and luxury car rental requests are met. Your satisfaction is guaranteed by a well maintained and cleaned car delivered to you.

Places To See In Elazığ

When you come to the city of Elazığ, which has thousands of years of history, you can find traces of different civilizations and find yourself wandering through the pages of history. Here are some of the places that you will create before you come to the city.

Elazığ Archeology and Ethnography Museum, located in the center of the city, is an important resource for you to learn which civilizations transcended here. Like All Museums, please remember that it is closed on Mondays.

Harput Castle, which is estimated to have been built by the Urartians in the 8th century BC, is located on a hill dominating the city, as is the case with its historical structure, making it an ideal place to see Elazığ from a bird's eye view.

The Icebox cave in the ancient city of Harput gives you a unique experience. The cave is descending to 150-200 meters deep because of the cold air flow outside, even on the hottest days in the summer, ice can be seen inside.

Keban Dam Lake, the second largest artificial lake in Turkey, promises you a peaceful day with its natural beauty, fresh air and magnificent views. It is highly preferred for water sports and hunting. To go to this place outside the city of Elazığ, car rental is a practical solution.

If your trip to Elazığ will be in the winter season, you must visit the ski center of Hazarbaba. For professional and amateur skiing, there are ski slopes here and the accommodation centers welcome you to sip your hot tea while watching the spectacular snow views.

Golan spas with healing waters can be a single reason for your trip to Elazığ. With the healing waters of these spas you can improve your health and spend peaceful times where you can rest your soul in the facilities located here.

Elazığ Online Car Rental

With our website, Elazığ offers online car rental services and in this way we do not allow you to have trouble finding suitable vehicles. As with visitors to the city, we ensure that the people who live here can rent a car at affordable prices whenever they need to get rid of the high cost of buying a car. When you visit our website, you can see vehicle models here and choose from them. You can also contact our customer representatives by phone at 0850 304 3527, so that we can find solutions to your different vehicle expectations.

To pick up your vehicle, you do not need to come to our office, as the vehicle can be delivered to your address  by our employees. Daily, weekly or monthly cheap car rental options are available in Elazığ, so that you don’t have to take public transport or the high costs of the taxis while you are in the city.