You Can Receive a Practical Car Rental Service From Our Office in Diyarbakir

Diyarbakir, an ancient city of thousands of years, is the largest city in the Southeastern Anatolia region. As one of the points that will make your trips to the city memorable, you can get the practical Diyarbakir car rental service from our office, which eliminates the problem of transportation. If you prefer the air travel to come to Diyarbakir, the car you have rented will be delivered to you at the airport and you will be able to take delivery from there and start driving immediately.

Diyarbakir Castle has been standing for thousands of years and is visited by many people from all over the world due to the coexistence of many different cultures in this city, which is built on the banks of the Tigris River. If you are planning a trip to this city for a holiday, business or other reason, you should definitely use our car rental service to enjoy this historic touch. If you prefer to rent a car on your trip to Diyarbakir, you can visit new places by making trips to the surrounding provinces.

Places To Visit In Diyarbakir

Diyarbakir has been used as a settlement for thousands of years and bears the traces of many cultures with this feature. Among the places that you should visit when you go to the city is the Great Mosque, which was built as a church and then turned into a mosque by the Arabs in 639. Despite all the time that has passed, the mosque is still in a good condition thanks to the restoration.

Sülüklü Han is located in the city center and within easy reach. It was believed that leeches were good for various diseases when they were removed from a well inside the inn, and the name of the inn remained as Sülüklü Han. Today, there are various cafes in this inn and its visitors find peace while sitting in the garden and drinking tea or coffee.

Four-Legged Minaret, Caravanserai, and Diyarbakir City Calls are among the places to visit in the city center. These walls are known as the second largest and longest fortifications in the world after the Great Wall of China.

You should see the ruins of Çayönü in order to learn the life of the people who lived there during the years of 8-9 thousand BC. It has an important status for being among the first settlements in the world. The 10-Eyed bridge is among the historical buildings in Diyarbakir. If you want to use the time economically to visit all these historical sites and taste the local delicacies, you must rent a car.

Cheap Car Rental in Diyarbakir

If you need to go to Diyarbakir, which is one of the fastest growing cities in Turkey for vacation or business, you can contact us in advance and book your rental car that will provide your transportation during your stay. You can choose from daily, weekly and monthly car rental options and enjoy your time travelling around the city. Our company also has Economy, Mid Size and Luxury vehicles in order to ensure that you can find the appropriate vehicle option for every budget.

You can pick up your well maintained, clean and safe rental Car from our City Office as well as from the airport. Car rental can be booked online and you can take delivery of your car after completing the paperwork when you arrive in the city.

Our company, which has been providing car rental service for many years, also provides fleet rental service for companies as well as ensuring that your individual needs are met and in this way it does not require you to get under the high costs by purchasing vehicles for your employees. If you want to be able to use it for a longer time by cheap car rental with affordable prices for your budget, you can contact our company and our friendly customer representatives will provide solutions for you.