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Adana Car Rental: Information About Adana

You have many reasons to rent a car in Adana. The capital of Cotton - The Land of Turnips, the warm - friendly and hospitable people's home of Adana, where there are unlimited places to visit and kebabs to eat, rent a car from Ekar Global, which we recommend you to take as much advantage of these unlimited blessings.

Car Rental: Car Rental Options In Adana Location

You have many options for renting a car, you can use these services exactly as you need them. Each service has its own advantages

Adana Daily Car Rental: When you travel to Adana you can rent a car in the desired range in accordance with your travel plan.

Adana Chauffeur-Driven Car Rental: You may have come for a business meeting or similar situation and may be preferred if you do not have control of the roads and destinations.

Adana Fleet Rental: You can choose to rent a fleet if you need more than one vehicle.

Adana Long Term Car Rental: Your business is long 3 months, 6 months or longer as a car rental may be preferred. Long term car rental adaha may be an economical choice.

Adana Car Rental: Travel Advice On Location In Adana

It is the right choice to rent a car by choosing a model that will be comfortable in our latest air-conditioned vehicles because the Mediterranean climate makes you feel exactly the warm face.

You can easily book a car rental from our website and visit awesome Adana in safety from start to finish and enjoy a smooth holiday.

Adana Car Rental: Festivals City Adana

Enjoy the Adana festivals with your car that you will rent from Ekar Global at Şakirpaşa Airport. Many festivals await you.

International Adana Film Festival (Golden Cocoon Film Festival)

26 this year. the International Adana Film Festival (formerly known as the Golden Boll Film Festival) is an important festival where the film is shown and awarded in many categories, followed closely by film lovers.

Orange Blossom Carnival:

Turkey's Rio Carnival is the place to say. 2019 on April 5.the Orange Blossom Carnival, which is organized in ncisi and is full of colorful clothes, people full of enthusiasm and unlimited activities, has a spectacular opening, theatre performances, concerts, can participate in many other events.

Adana Flavor Festival:

The name of the festival is telling. Adana and zest. This duo is unthinkable !


Adana kebab and turnip Festival

Adana kebab & turnip festival, also known as raki Festival, tells the world how this trio can be celebrated side by side with thousands of people under the roof of a Festival. You should try it.

Adana Rent A Car: Food and Beverage Advice

Adana, a city of complete gastronomy, stands out with its cuisine. Many foods and drinks made with natural products grown in the fertile soil of Çukurova region await you.

Adana kebab

Adana lahmacun

Annali kızlı



Stuffed meatballs



Liver kebab



Bici Bici

Banana Milk

Car Rental: Historical And Cultural Values Of Adana

Ulu Mosque (Ramazanoğulları Mosque)

The building, which lasted for 33 years and bears traces of Seljuk-Mamluk-Zengi architecture architecturally , is a complex structure with Ramazanoğulları Mansion-Madrasa-Bazaar Bath-Gön Inn –Imaret-Arasta - and bazaars. Its construction was started by Ramazanoğulları Halil Bey in 1508, but was completed by Ramazanoğlu Piri Mehmet Pasha, son of Halil Bey. At the top of the factors that make the structure important lies the architectural diversity it is influenced by. Compared to the fact that the gate is a work of Seljuk architecture, the minaret is the equivalent of Mamluk architecture. The mosque, which expanded horizontally during a period when similar ones were built vertically, is also distinguished from other examples by this aspect. Another moist feature is the beauty of the Ottoman tiles, which have been used, and the fact that they greet visitors with their original colors – splendor until today.

Adana Clock Tower

The 32 meter high tower, which is the largest Clock Tower in Turkey, has managed to be one of the most important structures to be seen in Adana for over 100 years. Ziya Pasha started its construction in 1881 and it was completed in 1882 during the reign of Abidin Pasha in 1 year. The tower, which is very close to the Grand Mosque, is among the works worth seeing.

Historical Kazancılar Bazaar

If Istanbul has a covered bazaar, Adana has a Kazancılar Bazaar. I'm sure this analogy has given you an idea of the kazancılar Bazaar. Located on Ali Münif Street within the borders of Seyhan district, the bazaar is a center of attraction for food enthusiasts as well as for shopping enthusiasts. Being the cradle of famous kebabs and famous restaurants, the bazaar has taken its place in the list of places to see.

Ramazanoğlu Madrasa

The madrasa, which was started to be built in 1495, was built by Ramazanoğlu Halil Bey. Ramazanoğulları who ruled in Adana for nearly 300 years is a Turkish Principality belonging to the Yüreğir height of the Oghuz. The Selamlık & Haremlik section of the building, which is also a mansion where state affairs are carried out, is still open to visitors. Ulu Mosque (Ramazanoğulları mosque ) was built directly opposite the madrasa. These works, which are very important both in terms of Islamic works and in terms of architecture, are one of the places where the devotee cannot be seen.

Bebekli Church

Built by Armenians as the Armenian Apostolic Church in 1880, the structure was later translated into the Italian Catholic Church. The church in the name of Saint Paul (Saint Paulus) is called the church with a baby because of the 2.5 meter tall statue of the Virgin Mary, which is likened to a baby.

Varda Bridge

The Varda Bridge, built by the Germans in the 1900s and therefore known to the devotees as the German bridge, has a height of 99 meters and a length of 200 meters. Engineering marvel this work is also one of the important crossings on the Hicaz-Baghdad-Berlin railway, an alternative to the Silk Road.

Adana Ethnographic Museum

The museum, which has been opened to the public since 1983 as the Entografya Museum and opened in an old church building in the city center of Adana, is one of the absolute must-see places.