As Ekar Global, our goal is to be your companion offering innovative and global transportation solutions.

At Ekar Global, we employ a recruitment process that is designed to recruit the right person for the right job and covers multiple stages of evaluation. These assessments vary depending on the role of recruitment. We support our interviews with various inventory, examination and evaluation center applications.

We implement these applications in Ekar Global's recruitment processes in parallel with the vision of our company through digital platforms and tools.

At Ekar Global, we believe that there is no limit to development and learning.

We actively use internal and global resources to support the personal development of our employees and offer many classroom and online training opportunities. Depending on our company vision and strategies, we include our employees in orientation / e-orientation programs from the beginning of their employment, and we include them in many development programs such as Development Camp, Leadership Development Program, foreign language trainings and e-learning programs based on their performance in our company.

Career at Ekar Global

Eka Global as we serve many parts of Turkey. Turkey, with over 50 employees and growing more and more with each passing day our structure the way you want to be our friend?, LinkedIn and Ekar Global Careers You can make your applications from our page.

There are different selection criteria for each position. You can reach the application-specific application criteria by looking at the appropriate position content from our ad portals.

After you submit your application, we will contact you if your CV details reviewed by our Recruitment experts meet the criteria sought for the position. . After the completion of our online tests and negotiations, we inform you when the process is positive or negative.

We conduct online interviews with candidates from remote locations to our headquarters.

If your application is negative, we will mail you a message.

Competency inventory, assessment center, general talent tests are conducted in recruitment processes.

Our side benefits can be outlined in the following way:

  • Food and Service Birth Package for Newborn Baby
  • Free Car Rental and Paid Leave Gift to Married Employees

We have a service application. If there is no service, the road toll is paid.