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Rental Terms And Conditions

  • Rental Period

    The minimum rental period is 24 hours. For the delays in returning the vehicle, 1/3 of the daily rate is charged for each delayed hour. In the case of delays exceeding 3 hours in total, a full-day fee including CDW will be charged.

  • Long Term Rentals

    The minimum rental period for long-term rentals is 30 days. Special price is applied. You can call the Ekar Global Reservation Center on the phone 0 850 304 3527 or the nearest Ekar Global Office for information on the rental prices and conditions.

  • One Way Rentals

    If the vehicle is returned in a city other than the city where the vehicle is picked up, the One Way Charge is applied regardless of the lease period. You can call our Reservation Center or the nearest Ekar Global Office for one way fee information.

  • Vehicle Pick Up - Vehicle Return

    You can pick up and return your Rental vehicle 24 hours a day at all of our airport offices at no additional charge. Vehicle pick ups and returns are accepted at our other offices during the business hours. Out of hours pick up and returns are subject to a fee at these offices.

  • Airport Service Charge

    Airport service fee will not be charged for rentals made from Ekar Global Offices at International Airports, which are open 24 hours a day.

  • Driver’s License – Driver’s Age

    We have at least 21 years of age in the economic class, at least 23 years in the middle class, at least 25 years in the upper class, and 27 years in the luxury class.

  • Additional Driver

    Other than the renter, the vehicle can be used by someone else when the valid ID and drivers license in accordance with the driver's license and age rules is registered on the Rental agreement. If there is no such record and the accident is found to have been made by the non-registered driver, the insurance will be null and void.

  • Included – Not Included in Prices

    Prices include 300 km per day, vehicle maintenance costs and automobile insurance. Highway fees, bridge fees, traffic fines and insurances, one way fees, vehicle delivery and pick-up fees, extra requests like baby seat and Value Added Tax (VAT) are not included in the prices.

  • Payment – Pre-Authorization

    All valid credit cards will be accepted for the payment of the rental fee. A pre-authorization is taken from the renter’s credit card as a deposit. The delivery of the vehicles to the customers is done with the current amount of fuel and requested to be returned with the same amount of fuel. missing or empty tank fuel is charged to the customer with the service fee added.

    Ekar Global reserves the right to change the prices and conditions of the vehicle and the vehicle types indicated on the tariff without prior notice.

  • Traffic Fines

    The traffic laws in Turkey allow up to 120 km on the motorways. , 90 km on the intercity roads and 50 km in the city. When parking, watch the PARKING signs. Traffic jurisdiction and legal liabilities to be applied to movements that may arise due to violation of the traffic laws and the renter's fault are the responsibility of the renter. After returning the vehicle, traffic fines received at Ekar Global are reflected to the tenant and the related amount is collected from the tenant’s credit card. The time for which the vehicles will be held for any reason by official or local authorities shall be accepted within the term of the contract.

  • Important Notes

    Damage to internal or external equipment, such as damages caused by use, radio, registration documents of the vehicle, traffic set, license plate etc. will not be covered by insurance. Accident reports need to be delivered to Ekar Global within 48 hours.

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