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Car Rental brand in Kayseri, Economy and Luxury Car Rental

Kayseri is located in the Central Anatolia region, which has never fallen off the agenda with its contribution to the Turkish economy and its people.  This city, which was established at the bottom of Erciyes mountain, one of the highest mountains of our country, has been home to various civilizations for 6 thousand years and is visited throughout the year. You can make a trip between the pages of history without the problem of transportation in this city by taking advantage of our Car Rental service in Kayseri.

As with people coming from outside of Kayseri, our company provides this need to be met when people living in our city want to rent a car Weekly and monthly. Our affordable, medium and luxury vehicles cater to every budget and you can use them all the time you want. You can make an online car rental reservation through our website and pick up your car at any location.

Kayseri is famous for its different local flavors as well as its sausage and pastrami, and people who come here should not go without tasting these flavors. You won't be able to leave until you get pastrami and sausage, which are flavours you can't get anywhere.


Kayseri Places To See

Kayseri, besides being in the Central Anatolia region, is a place where winters are quite cold with the effect of being at the foot of Erciyes mountain. For this reason, people who are thinking of coming to visit the city should choose periods when the weather is hot so that the taste of natural and historical beauties can be enjoyed. If you are planning a trip to Kayseri, especially during the summer period, you should book a car rental by visiting our site in advance and you should not waste your time with the car waiting for you when you arrive.

When you come to Kayseri, you can encounter a historical building in almost every corner. The city's Republic Square and clock tower are among the places you should see. M.He. 3.Kayseri Castle, built in the century, invites you to wander among the pages of history.

Kurşunlu mosque, Hunat Hatun Mosque and complex, Zeynel Abidin Tomb, Gevher Nesibe Hatun Madrasa and hospital, Grand Bazaar and Kazancılar bazaar should be on your list of places to see. Talas, which is one of the districts of Kayseri, is among the places that must be seen as a history in its own right. You will be able to feel yourself among the people who lived in those years as you wander the streets where the historic stone houses of this district are.

Erciyes Mountain, which is at least as famous as Kayseri province, invites you to do extreme sports. The ski resort in Erciyes keeps the winter tourism alive and provides the name of our country to be heard all over the world. Kayseri is a city that you must visit by renting a car with its many historical and natural beauties.


Kayseri Convenient Car Rental

With the high costs of buying a car today, many people prefer to rent when they need it instead and in this case, many car rental companies provide services. Our company is with you every day of the year with its friendly service and unique solutions alongside its large fleet of vehicles. Our company maintains a high level of customer satisfaction and ensures that every customer can find appropriate tools for their budget and needs. You can do all your transactions online through our website and you can pick up your car at any point on any date.

It is also possible to do your program freely with your own special vehicle that will be behind the wheel while you are in Kayseri. If you want to learn about our car rental solutions, you can contact our company online or by phone.

Ekar Global is a car rental company that has the IATA Member, A Group tourism and travel agency and TOKKDER member Rent A Car certificate, subject to the control of the Ministry of Tourism.