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The Rental vehicles are covered by compulsory and optional insurances under the laws and regulations of Turkey. Medical expenses and property damage, death and disability costs incurred by third parties other than the driver who uses the obligatory Financial Liability Insurance that does not require an additional premium for the tenant and the driver who uses the EKAR vehicle involved in the accident are met within the limits stipulated by law.

The tenant is liable to pay the damages to the third person, even if the vehicle rented is damaged after the accident. The tenant also pays for spiritual requests of those who have been involved in the accident and their immediate family.

EKAR offers the following insurances to its customers on demand, except for compulsory insurances.

Liability Insurance (CDW)

Damages and all liability that may arise during the Rental of the vehicles from EKAR belong to the tenant. Damage liability insurance guarantees material damages that may result in the use of the renter.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

In the event of a possible accident, this insurance covers the compensations to be paid in case of death of the drivers and passengers in the vehicle within certain limits.

Theft Insurance (TP)

The renter can insure against theft of the vehicle he rents with this insurance.

Tire-Windshield-Headlight Insurance (TWH)

If the tenant wishes to purchase this insurance, a flat tire, glass and headlight damages that is not covered by the insurance, can be covered. For all insurances to be valid; * Not to be used under the influence of alcohol and drugs, * Not to be used outside of the legal speed limits, * Alcohol and traffic reports must be taken without moving the vehicle, and delivered to EKAR within a maximum of 48 hours. * All traffic rules and regulations must be observed, If the driver is registered on the lease contract, the vehicle must not be used by drivers who are not competent, otherwise the insurance will be invalid and the renter will be held liable for all damages. In addition, misleading statements to EKAR authorities, authorized traffic police and local law enforcement agencies, and the use of vehicles in closed and forbidden areas of traffic, and overload and passenger transport will result in the cancellation of the insurance itself.

In the event of an accident it is obligatory to call 0 850 304 3527 as soon as possible and notify EKAR representatives.

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