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Car Rental in Adana


General Information

It is very easy and practical to rent a car at Adana Şakirpaşa Airport as well as in Adana city center. You can start your pleasant journey by picking up your vehicle after just a few signatures on the rental agreement. The environment is located in Mersin (69 km), Hatay - Antakya (191 km), Osmaniye (87 km), Kahramanmaraş (192 km) and Niğde (205 km).

Do not leave Adana before doing these:

  • Eating the Adana Kabob, appetizers and drinking the Turnip Juice, prepared by the experienced cooks,
  • Tasting the Bici Bici, which will refresh you in the heat of Adana
  • Visiting the archaeological and ethnographic museums exhibiting the history of the city,
  • Visiting Misis Antique City and Shar Antique City,
  • Visiting the Akyatan and Ağyatan Birds Heaven and the Adana Plateau,
  • Participating in the Orange Blossom Festival (April) and the Golden Cocoon Film Festival (September)
  • Visiting the old bazaars and getting local flavors and products.

Business Hours

We are at your service from 8 am to 7 pm every day.

Contact Information

Adana Main Office: 0 850 304 35 27 -
Adana Airport: 0 850 304 35 27 -

Pick up and Return Information

Vehicle Pick up

You can rent your vehicle from Adana Airport, Adana Central Office or we can deliver your vehicle to any point you would like.

Your Rental car is waiting for you at Our car park at Adana Airport. You can pick up your vehicle after a short procedure of signing the paperwork, in the parking lot directly opposite the Airport Terminal.

If you like, you can pick up your vehicle from our city center office or request your vehicle to be delivered to any point in the city. You may be charged an additional fee for the distance from our office to where you requested your vehicle to be delivered. You can get detailed information from our Adana office.

You can find the contact information in the e-mail and SMS that will be sent to you after you make a reservation. Our employee who will deliver your car will be able to reach you at any time.

Returning the Rental Vehicle

You can return the car you have rented to our car park in Adana Airport, to our office in the city center or to our authorized personnel at any point in the city. We kindly ask you to inform our authorized personnel about the changes in the return date and time.

Additional Information on Car Rental in Adana

Adana has a very convenient traffic in the city, except morning and departure times. The roadside parks located on the main street are private and do not forget to pay after parking. Otherwise, parking tickets and penalty are transmitted to the vehicle license plate you rent. If you are going out of Adana on the way out of the city, we remind you that HGS and OGS are mandatory on motorways and we strongly recommend using HGS passes in all our vehicles.

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