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International Power Unity in the Rent A Car World


Serving with more than 300 offices in 12 countries among the leading European companies, Global Rent-a Car established a partnership with Turkey’s experienced agent EKAR, on EKAR GLOBAL brand.

"In March of 2017, EKAR, which signed the decision to merge forces with GLOBAL-RENT-A-CAR, became a distributor of the brand in Turkey and decided to spread to all of Turkey by giving Sub-Licenses in all provinces.

Global Rent-a Car, operating as a brand of the largest car rental company in Germany and Austria, decided in March 2017 to merge its forces with Turkey's leading company, EKAR Automobile Rental and Travel Agency. EKAR also aims to spread Turkey's 81 provinces by taking the Turkish Distributorship of the brand.

Unlike all known international brands, our company, which determines its new brand name as EKAR GLOBAL, is implementing a completely different dealership system with its slogan 'Think Local, Rent Global'.

Two great powers open the market with one common brand

In contrast to all known international brands, EKAR and GLOBAL have decided to open the market with a common brand representing a combination of two powers will serve under the name of EKAR GLOBAL. The slogan of the service philosophy of the company, which has a completely different franchise system, was identified as ‘Think Local, Rent Global’

‘’Bigger goals and a more exciting way’’…

EKAR GLOBAL, sets out the plan for 2017, as completing the construction of franchisees in 8 provinces until the end of the year and aims to add 10 new cities to the service network every year.

Evaluating their satisfaction and sectoral achievements for this great cooperation, Mehmet Ural, the founder of EKAR, stated that they have entered into a more exciting way with bigger targets, while presenting an efficient service with extensive vehicle inventory in Adana, Mersin and Istanbul. Mehmet Ural also added that, as a Group A travel agency they also have a lot of awards in this sector, by providing travel and accommodation facilities in suitable conditions. ‘’Now it is time to show more successful works and deserve more rewards, to contribute to the standards of service of our country with the most experienced companies in Europe. We are proud to be part of a dynamic and young formation that will provide. We aim to spread our country in the first year with 8 and prove ourselves in our country and we aim to earn 10 cities every year in this network".

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